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Talisman Star Supreme Neptune

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Supreme Ring of great change, the great perceptions and important friendships.

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1) It promotes the changes
Talisman is the choice for those who want to radically change their lives. It is the sure guide to do great transformations, which can invest every area of ​​life but also for those who want a life full of changes, ever new, constantly evolving and changing.

2) Meditation and inner balance
To achieve a high degree of inner balance, to the mystical meditation, concentration and great insights. To develop all the paranormal faculties.

3) Business Insight
On a practical level the Talisman gives great insight in trade on a large scale, an understanding of the desires of the masses, to hear in advance the trend of fashion and trends. At one time it seemed that the great prophet gives gifts and judge of the times.

4) For political and charisma
Ductility to the metamorphosis and the perception of the peoples moods make this talisman the most suitable for the politicians, for the great manipulators of consciences, for charismatic and religious leaders. On a lower floor, it is suitable for traders, entrepreneurs, marketers and advertisers. And on a still lower level it is indicated in any trade activity or any profession where it is useful to be able to anticipate the tastes and trends of the market.

5) Clairvoyance and prophethood
The sage and the philosopher that Talisman is a source of great inspiration, you can guess what will happen. Smaller scale makes it easier to read the soul of the next, guess what he thinks, what he was, what they expect from our people, which is essential in many professions, including the operator's esoteric.

6) Friendships important
It facilitates all the knowledge and friendships with useful or interesting people.

7) protects the psyche
It protects from hallucinations and anxiety or obsessions with religious background.

This Talisman is suitable for those who want to be followed like a prophet


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Talisman Star Supreme Neptune

Talisman Star Supreme Neptune

Supreme Ring of great change, the great perceptions and important friendships.