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Star Supreme Talisman of Venus

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Supreme Love and Family Ring, home and minor Art

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1) The Triumph of Love
The Triumph of Venus is undoubtedly the exaltation more authentic and deeper. This Talisman is suitable for those looking for love. strongly favors the encounter with the soul mate and the birth of an overwhelming passion: the love desired and dreamed. Propitious the full fulfillment in love, the affeltività, reciprocated the feelings.

2) Protection of the family
Gives protection and peace of mind in the home and family. Protects able up the family, if worn by one of the members, from all negative forces (commonly called hexes, invoices, envy). Away and punishes those who undermine peace and tranquility family. It protects against attacks of any kind even repeated and continuous. Ensures the family peace, blunt the characters, and implied the gossips.

3) Protection of the house
It protects the house from vandals and envious people. Propitious works of renovation and beautification of the house. It develops aesthetic taste, the ability to enjoy the convenience and comodiità.

4) Relationships between children and parents
It has a positive effect on the parent-child relationship and child-parents, favoring a good disposition of mind, greater understanding, greater affection.

5) Protects pets
It protects pets (especially dogs and cats, must be worn by the owner of the animals or be put in their cucccia) diseases.

6) Can brings the minor arts
Fortune Venus (less fortunate) invests primarily the so-called minor arts, that is, the creative craft of any kind, especially if done at household level. Propitious success, earnings, the success of the initiatives undertaken. Auspicious and also protects all the activities related to the house: interior designers, furniture makers, masons, etc.

Who wears the Talisman does not want to be alone in love, does not want to rimunciore a beautiful house and a happy family.


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Star Supreme Talisman of Venus

Star Supreme Talisman of Venus

Supreme Love and Family Ring, home and minor Art