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Talisman Star Supreme Jupiter

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Supreme Major Lucky Ring, land and material pleasures.

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1) Major Lucky
To the ancients it had the good fortune majors, Fortune Maggiore. The Anulo of Jupiter is the Talisman Lucky par excellence, that is poured as serene abundance, which is daily a solid future. It is the optimism and calm of the strong which allows you to see the essence of the problems and to find appropriate solutions. Propitious revenue from the blows of luck and winnings, gambling, lotteries, inheritances, but especially favors a strong recovery in the job expansion, gains. more and more solid and substantial material gains.

2) Serenity and economic strength
Fortune of Jupiter - states since ancient times - protects the serenity of tomorrow, that is the assurance that the money, few or many, will not fail, and that the income will cover all the needs and also the surplus. Propitious economic stability, the safety of those who will never fall into the mud, the chance to enjoy the joys of life, to have more time to savor the pleasures and material possibilities.

3) Maximum protection of the welfare
It is powerful personal protective shield from misfortune and from any covert action aimed at undermining the peace and material well-being.

4) territorial expansion
Propitious territorial expansion in the broadest sense, encompassing what is around, beating off competitors, encouraging the opening of branches and the magnification.

5) Speculation and investment
Propitious to real estate sales, the earnings on the stock exchange, and any activity related to the earth: agriculture and livestock. The Conecpt is to fruit ripening and harvest is expected, when luck always plays a big role.

6) Against the pessimism
The Anulo Jupiter and powerful to inspire positive thinking, optimism, extroversion, joviality. Brings serenity and gives a positive outlook on life. It is indicated for pessimistic character, introverted and apathetic.

7) To ipiaceri materials
Propitious sexual stamina (male) and the increased enjoyment of all material pleasures. It protects the power and male fertility.

Anyone wearing this talisman will never have empty pockets and do not know neither poverty nor sadness.


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Talisman Star Supreme Jupiter

Talisman Star Supreme Jupiter

Supreme Major Lucky Ring, land and material pleasures.