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Star Supreme Talisman of Mercury

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Supreme Ring in higher education, the genius and skill of the trade.

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1) Complete higher studies
It is the most powerful talisman for studies, especially at the higher level and university. Propitious is learning, is the necessary firmness of will, which is essential to overcome the dullness and daily commitment fatigue. It is the moral force that supports and helps when the road is long and difficult. It is powerful tool for each student, in order to overcome riusciire within the terms and with excellent marks all the exams and the thesis.

2) Can brings insights and discoveries
It is also the flash of genius that pierces the clouds, which triumphs over knowledge, it is the student surpasses the teacher and goes, with lightning intuition, where the only reason can not lead. It is powerful to the researcher, the scientist, for those who want to learn difficult subjects and to discover unknown things.

3) Can brings the art trade
Mercury is also the master of strategy, of appliicata intelligence that emerges in every area and in every profession. To be skillful and subtle in business, procrastinators who sopppesano and calculate the moves until victory (so great to curb impulsive characters too). To be skilled agents and sellers. To quickly learn a new profession in which a need for technical knowledge and a certain degree of theoretical preparation.

4) Mercury as "intelligere"
Propitious the IQ and memory capacity, especially the storage of numbers and long lists of names and dates (scolasrico kind of notions).

5) Against phobias
It protects from manic fear of death, from delusions of persecution, from fobiein kind.

6) Protects against violent death.
Shield personal good luck charm to ward off accidents and sudden cause of death.

7) Legacy
Propitious victory in case of legal disputes related to succession and inheritance.

Anyone wearing this talisman will never be a donkey or a fool.


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Star Supreme Talisman of Mercury

Star Supreme Talisman of Mercury

Supreme Ring in higher education, the genius and skill of the trade.