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Star Supreme Talisman of Mars

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Supreme Ring of inner strength, will and independence.

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1. The inner strength.
It is useless to blame the misfortunes while behind the prorpio failure, be it at work, at school, in love or in life in general, there is a will, weak, who gets lost and is distracted at every step. The Anulo Exaltation of Mars propitious inner strength necessary to overcome the small and the great difficulties of life. This is one of the most valuable actions and more powerful.

2. The constancy of purpose.
Complete when it is started. You gaze fixed on the goal, which does not waver, acting with calculated and grinds step victories after victories to triumph over the highest degree. Life is anything but a garden in bloom and this Anulo favors the need Startup tenacity, indomitable force that does not give up, continuity in action and the inevitable final victory.

3. independence.
It is the most powerful Talisman to become independent from their families: economic independence (earning yourself), physical and psychological independence. Predisposes to live independently or to create their own family, and can, if necessary, a favorable finding a house, and everything else needed.

4. Travare a job
You conquered the independence Talisman, it is therefore well suited to assist in the achievement of a work and the achievement of prestigious positions.

5. Protects against every vice
Who has firmly in mind its purpose can not indulge in vice. Also the favorable allontanemnto harmful persons and sticky.

6. It protects the weak characters
The positive energy and virile Mars protects and helps the weak and uncertain characters, the lazy, apathetic, the inconstant, mental marginalized. Free morbid or excessive ties with the family of origin.


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Star Supreme Talisman of Mars

Star Supreme Talisman of Mars

Supreme Ring of inner strength, will and independence.