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Sun Star Supreme Talisman

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Supreme Ring authoritarian charm, the life force and the affirmation winning.

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1. Powerful catalyst of positive energy.
As a small personal sun radiates the chakras of rivers of positive energy, revitalizes, it gives life force that heals and give welfare to every cell of the body. Adjusts and maintains high bioenergy and balance.

2. Against the weaknesses of character.
The strength of the sun in the spring dirompe opposed to hesitation and weakness, useful to overcome shyness and insecurity of the ego, to deal with more strength of character themselves and others.

3. It is the talisman of 'personal affirmation.
Propitious personal affirmation, success, fame. Great for all the professions in general, but also for the actors, the show, to develop the art of oratory, for careers within bodies and politics.

4. Auspicious victory
Dona winning mentality, overcoming traditions, optimism and momentum into the future. It is the solar force that overwhelms the obstacles, swept the avverasi, imposes itself with autoritatio charm and strength.

5. Invincible personal protective shield.
With the strength of the Element Igneo in its maximum glorification of the Zodiac, this is an invincible talisman personal shield able to destroy and repel any negative force (commonly those invoices, hexes, etc.). Also repeated, deadly and continues.

Anyone wearing this talisman will never be an ordinary person and it will be like a sun that radiates light the darkness in every environment and circumstance.


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Sun Star Supreme Talisman

Sun Star Supreme Talisman

Supreme Ring authoritarian charm, the life force and the affirmation winning.