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Talisman Star Supreme Pan

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Supreme physical force Ring, playful eroticism and victory in sporting competitions.

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1) For all sports
It is the most powerful talisman for the sport. Propitious strength, shooting, precision in, quick reflexes, tactical vision of the game and the necessary luck. It protects from bad luck, accidents, negative attacks on physical fitness and sporting competitions. It is ideal both for individual sports for team play.

2) For physical fitness
Also suitable for physical exercise in general, for gymnastics, for dance activities and any other professional discipline or hobby where necessary physical shape and elasticity of the movements. For extended also it serves, in general, to have a better balance and a vigorous and agile body.

3) For the eroticism
Talisman is the playful eroticism par excellence, propitious occasions, meetings, exciting situations. It takes to conquer sexually a person (both heterosexual and homosexual), and to have more of an adventure. Not committed emotionally, favoring various sexual occasions both with the same or with other people. It protects the power and sexual stamina, protection from psychological fragility.

4) Protects from aging
Pan regulates bodily fluids and equipment and intangible it follows a significant overall improvement. Rule biorhythms and keeps them positive. It protects from aging and the body and psychological decay related to the passing of the years.

5) Protects children
It protects the offspring from amlettie and dangers.

6) For activities related to teaching
It encourages all careers related to teaching and sports and military careers. Ideal to open gyms, dannza schools, gym, sports club, paramilitary centers, remedial schools, courses of all kinds.

This Talisman is suitable for those who want to be a winner in any competition and more powerful in love.


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Talisman Star Supreme Pan

Talisman Star Supreme Pan

Supreme physical force Ring, playful eroticism and victory in sporting competitions.