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Talisman Star Supreme Pluto

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Rebirth Supreme Ring, of histrionics and mixed mysteries.

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1) To rise again after a negative period
It's powerful every time there is to rise from the ashes and rubble of a very negative period. Favorable fortune for a rapid recovery and allows you to go high beyond all expectations.

2) Rebuilding a lost position
Talisman is the most suitable for the reconstruction of what has been lost: jobs, wealth, prestige, wealth, good name, reputation, social position, activities, career.

3) Unlock the secrets
It facilitates knowledge of the secrets of all that surrounds us, the hidden things of each person, the intrigues, the baseness and allows to exploit to their own advantage. It is very suitable for those who need to know the background of the events and people, reporters to anyone working in the social sphere even so not always perfectly legal.

4) Charm histrionic
Highlight a histrionic personality. It makes it more shrewd, more able to dig and operate in the shadows, but also to magnetically attract people and to dominate them.

5) Hidden Knowledge
On a higher plane involves the great delll'occulto mysteries, reveals the esoteric knowledge. To discover the secret traditions, the things said and never written, the hidden treasures material and spiritual in the broadest sense.

6) Creativity
Powerful source of inspiration for creative and writers.

7) Protection towards sects and congregations
It protects against seven congregations, criminal associations, environments and disreputable friendships. It also allows you to attend these places having the maximum protection.

Anyone wearing this talisman will rise in every difficult moment, will charm and will shed light on many mysteries and secrets.


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Talisman Star Supreme Pluto

Talisman Star Supreme Pluto

Rebirth Supreme Ring, of histrionics and mixed mysteries.