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Supreme Waxes Single

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Enriched favorite fragrances from Supernals.

These 12 special Scented candles are, each dedicated to one of Supernals governing the 12 balls Esoteric Supreme.

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In addition to being etched and consecrated according to the Art Supreme, these candles obviously in full color, contain an essential fragrant oil in tune with the Planetary Sphere represented. This essence is released during combustion and spreads in the environment.

Use of the entire series
The twelve candles can be lit all together to ingratiate himself in a general sense the Intelligences who are dedicated. It is not a rite, therefore you can not make specific requests. On power-up, however, is allowed, indeed it is correct, a few moments to focus on the industry to which the Intelligences will have to pay more attention, such as children, health, work, money, love, and so on.

You should know that the candles (barring unforeseen circumstances of force majeure) will be lit for at least 1 consecutive hour, to any point of the day or night.

Use of individual candles

Each candle dedicated to a specific Intelligence, can be switched individually, following the same indications of concentration and ignition timing said before. It is recommended, for more spin, to completely consume the candle started, although a little 'a day, before starting another, perhaps dedicated to another Intelligence.
The candle, and then the Intelligences, have no bearing on the days of the week or with the magic hours of Solomonic magic.
Each Intelligence (being Highs Supernals) has no limitation of action or special effects, but each has generalized action of each sector. This allows you to choose the lntelligenza or the fragrance you prefer.
Each candle grants, as the base effect (thus the effect is multiplied if it lights up the whole series), concentration of the mind of the person making the transaction and its total affirmation and success in what is running during power up. So good for those who perform intellectual work, for students, and for those who practice divination and esoteric arts.

Actions on other people

It is implied that all persons present while the candle burns, it affected propitiating who performs boosting the availability of the present, very valid reason to keep them always on in the Tarot studies, but also in shops and places in general where you want to affect to their advantage on the present. The benefits are long lasting.

All they affect general exorcising (the effect is multiplied if you light up all together): They keep away unwelcome people and neutralize the larvae and the negative emanations from all the people present.

Orange Sun Mango
White Moon Sandal
Red Mars Patchouli
Celestial Mercury Giacinto
Yellow Jupiter Chamomile
Pink Venus Verbeny
Black Saturn Poppy
Green Urany Mint
Ivory Neptune Vanilla
Ocher Pluto Honey
Violet Proserpina Fresia
Antimony Yellow Pan Peach


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Supreme Waxes Single

Supreme Waxes Single

Enriched favorite fragrances from Supernals.

These 12 special Scented candles are, each dedicated to one of Supernals governing the 12 balls Esoteric Supreme.