I 7 Chakra

Brief introduction to the knowledge of the Chakras

What is the Chakra?

Chakra is a Sanskrit term whose meaning is "wheel" or "vortex" and refers to the 7 energy centers present in every living essence.
In people we distinguish seven energetic or golden bodies and I Chakras are energy systems that connect these emanations to each other and, with external reality. The vitality and health of the physical body, as well as personal evolution, are closely connected to the degree of harmony and functionality of the chakras.
Chakras are not physical but, they are aspects of consciousness (as are the auras) they interact with the physical body through the endocrine system and the nervous system.
Each chakra is associated with one of the seven endocrine glands and with groups of nerves called "plexus" each chakra therefore is associated with specific parts of the body and with the respective physiological functions controlled by the plexus and the corresponding endocrine gland.

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