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The tradition of Solomonic is among the oldest of mondo.Secondo the most ancient Semitic legends, its origin can be traced back to the beginnings of humanity, when a group of angels descended to earth to join the daughters of men . Re SalomoneIl his reign from the second half of the twelfth century B.C., and corresponds to a period of great splendor for the state of Israel. Solomon was famous for his legendary wisdom, that even exceeded that of the Egyptians and other peoples of that time. Compose 3,000 proverbs and 1,500 songs, he was expert in botany and knew in depth the animal kingdom and their applications, which now call esoteric, for the treatment of diseases. It is said that even the beautiful Balkis, Queen of Sheba, who got word of his infinite wisdom, he went in person to get him to submit to the puzzles about the metaphysical topics and high magic. The first wife of Solomon was an Egyptian princess and it seems that the King has learned from her many of the secrets he knew. It is said that he had more than 100 concubines, but especially four of them were nocturnal ghosts, who presided each in a season, in close connection with magic. The legends want that he had also trade with many other entities that symbolized the Sun, the Moon and the planets, it is probably allegories that make reference to its deep esoteric knowledge. Even his famous temple, according to cabalistic, had a profound value, especially the two huge pillars of bronze, were the two opposite pillars of the tree of life. Famous was his ART Talisman and pentacle, an example of which was the ring that he gave to the Queen of Sheba, who was at the same time a pentagram and a key. The Solomon inheritance are the Clavicules or small keys, attributed to him, which forms the heart of the Solomonic tradition.

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